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Robert Hackenson Jr.

Founder and Professional “Edutaining” Speaker/Trainer

Robert-Circle-Profile-PicSince 2004 Robert has been traveling across the United States and Canada speaking and keynoting for schools and colleges, organizations, and companies including: Frito Lay, The Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams), and New York Life.  He truly has an exceptional knack for presenting material in a highly interactive and engaging way that delivers important messages to audiences in a brilliant and memorable fashion.

Robert believes when it comes to speaking it’s more than just what you say, it’s how you deliver the messages.  If the audience is bored the important messages are lost.  Robert saw a unique opportunity to masterfully combine his unique skills of magic, hypnosis, and influence with  his degrees in business  and leadership with his knowledge of psychology, social media, bullying prevention, team building, and more.  As a result his audiences remain captivated throughout his presentations while paying attention to the important lessons.

For Schools:

Over the years Robert has partnered with several organizations, creating and delivering presentations on a number of topics to a variety of audiences.  He has delivered presentations on: “Bullying Prevention,” “Social Media Dangers & Cyber Safety,” “Drug, Alcohol, & Tobacco Awareness (Sober Thoughts),” and “Moving Up to New School,” and “Tobacco, eCigarette, & Marijuana Awareness” to students, teachers and parents at  Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges.

For Corporations:

Robert has been the keynote speaker for New York Life Top Sales Executives, Frito-Lay Facility Managers, Revera Health Care Systems, Yale Dining Staff, and more.  These presentations focused on:  “Breaking Through Mental Obstacles,” “The Art of Team-building,” and “Unleashing Creativity within Your Team.”


Robert practiced the art of magic throughout his youth and received his certification as a hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists.  After graduating from Western New England University in three years, Robert went onto get his MBA and Certificate in Advanced Organizational Leadership from Nichols College.  After gaining his corporate experience as a sales manager for IdeaLaunch and digital marketing manager at Winbrook, Robert decided to follow his passion to engage, inspire, and educated audiences.


Robert’s unique presentational skills were featured in prestigious media channels including the Boston Herald, FOX news, PBS, and Rogers TV in Canada.

Stephanie Huston

StephanieH-Circle-Profile-PicStephanie has been conducting communication workshops and presentation in one form or another for over six years, most of which have been for corporate brand teams and healthcare providers. Her academic foundation is in Linguistics and Psychology, focusing on their application to hierarchical (doctor-patient, supervisor-employee, teacher-student) discourse and communication.

Consistent with the Dynamic Influence speaker motto, Stephanie believes that every presentation, regardless of length, is a constant battle for attention between speaker and smart device. Nowadays, a bored audience has distraction and entertainment literally at their fingertips, so it is her job, nay her passion, to provide useful, important, and above all, entertaining engagements that resonate with her audience.

Language and interaction is the backbone of our society today; it can be spoken, typed, manipulated and implied, and it is crucial to understand the pitfalls, and more importantly, the safeguards that ensure your meaning is being conveyed the way you intend.

For Companies & Colleges

Stephanie provides keynotes, half day trainings, and full day trainings on a number of topics including: “Improving Communication in Your Team,” “The Power of Words for Conflict Resolution,” “The Art of Winning Over the Difficult Clients,” and “Using Words that Persuade for Sales.”


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