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NEACUHO Survey's In on Cyber Safety

The results are in! I have gone through and added up the survey results and comments for the Cyber/Social Media Safety & Liability for college students. Here are the survey results of the 29 attendees from the NEACUHO WPI Drive-In. Please note that I have included all

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Social Media Dangers Presentation at WPI Drive-In

Recently I was able to deliver my presentation on Cyber and Social media dangers for college students at the NEACUHO WPI Drive-In. Over the years of speaking to college students on different topics like making positive decisions with drugs, alcohol and tobacco and problem gambling awareness, I

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College Students and Social Media Safety and Liability

Over recent years teens flocked to social media and technology advances with smart phones.  As these teens continued to grow and advance themselves by graduating and entering college, social media and technology has continued to advance as well.  However, Spiderman said it best when he said, “With

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