Virtual College Cyber Safety Speaker

A Perfect Time for Virtual Digital & Social Media Land Mines Edutainment

During these times of social distancing, virtual learning, we’re on our screens even more than usual. Although this screen time is necessary, with increased screen time comes additional risks. Research has shown a link between too much screen time and anxiety, depression, and overall poor mental health. This has most likely increased during COVID-19 crisis. Other challenges we face in a world of digital communication is an increase of miscommunication and conflict, predators and online dating, posting too much information, and posting certain things they will regret later. Because of these risks, it’s important to educate your students now before the problems occur. Our virtual cyber safety presentation is here to help!

This dynamic and “edutaining” virtual presentation combines current events and research based information, with humor, magic, and illusions.  Through these interactive lessons your students will learn about the social, emotional, and physical risks they face through social media and other digital technology.

This virtual presentation covers:

  • Screen time and mental wellness
  • Social media anxiety
  • Communication & miscommunication in a digital age
  • Resolving conflict before it get worse
  • What to do if you’re targeted by hateful posts
  • Do’s and Don’ts of online dating
  • Posting without regret
  • Your digital footprint and reputation
  • Your post represents more than just you
  • Recap 3 rules to follow to post without regret

You Get More Than Just A Presentation!

  • Edutaining – During the interactive live virtual presentation, your students will participate by asking, watching illusions, and some of them will participate in virtual magic tricks that are used to help keep it fun and reinforce the lessons.   
  • Can’t Make the Live Presentation? No Problem! – The presentation is recorded and you will be given access to the recorded presentation for 30 days.  This way any students that weren’t able to attend the live version  can still view the presentation, while others can look back and view the presentation again.
  • Confirmation – Quiz at the end of the presentation that the students have to take in order to show they watched and paid attention to the presentation. 
  • Continued Learning – Teachers get additional class discussion topics and activities for continued conversation and learning after the presentation.