Mastering Public Speaking

Perception Dictates Reality

master public speakingAudiences view masters of public speaking as confident and effective leaders. Unfortunately, audiences see poor public speakers as weak, disorganized and ill suited to run an organization. It is no wonder that some of the world’s greatest leaders of industry have feared public speaking. Fortunately, you can learn how to command a room before you even reach the podium.

Strong public speaking skills allow you to command the attention of an audience and stir enthusiasm about any topic. Public speaking is not an innate talent you are born with, but rather a learned skill that you can master.

You will learn the secrets of public speaking, such as:

  • The quick fix: looking confident under pressure
  • The four most effective ways to hide nervousness
  • Five guaranteed methods to display confidence
  • Psychological practices to reduce your heart rate
  • Four powerful openers
  • Secrets to stopping “ums” and “ahs” from ruining your speech
  • Using body language, eye contact, and hand gestures
  • Why you should avoid using visual aids
  • Using a strong call to action to whip up enthusiasm

Public Speaking Program Options

We understand that you and your employees are busy people, so we offer four different program options for your convenience:

  • Option 1: Three-hour presentation
  • Option 2: Full-day seminar
  • Option 3: Two-day, hands-on workshop (limited seating)
  • Option 4: Personal coaching

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to improve their command over a listening audience should attend this public speaking program. It is perfect for executives, managers, sales representatives, human resources managers, and anyone else who wishes to speak with impact.

Contact our offices to reserve a spot in our Mastering Public Speaking program – your future audiences will respect you.