A Speaker That Will Engage & Educate Elementary Schools

Professional anti-bullying speaker Robert Hackenson Jr. has a unique ability to captivate your students and deliver the bullying prevention lessons in a very memorable way.  The presentation was designed to meet the national bullying prevention standards and is perfect for kicking off or adding to your schools bullying prevention awareness initiative.

A few of the topics covered include:

– Verbal bullying
– Physical bullying
– Emotional/Social Bullying
– Cyber Bullying

– Why do people bully?
– People aren’t born a bully, it’s a learned behavior
– Putting yourself in other peoples shoes (empathy)

CYBER BULLYING (Only when age appropriate. Typically grades 4-6)
– Why cyber bully?
– Dangers of cyber bullying
– What to do if you are cyber bullied

– The difference between being a “victim” and a “target”
– What to do if you’re targeted by a bully

– Why is the bystander so important?
– What to do if you see bullying
– The difference between tattling and reporting

– Maintaining or Creating a Bullying Control Zone in Your School!

The Dynamic Difference

With the short attention spans of elementary school students, it’s important to have a highly interactive and engaging bullying prevention speaker.  If you simply lecture to students they will quickly become bored and the vital messages are lost.  This is why for over a decade Rob has been delivering interactive presentations that masterfully combines age appropriate magic, illusions, and skits with the bullying prevention lessons.

Whether it’s escaping out of a straight jacket to demonstrate how it can feel when you’re bullied and how it can be a struggle students need to keep working to escape, or magically revealing a shoe when talking about the golden rule, your student’s will remember the lessons long after the presentation ends.

The Next Step

To get a better understanding of how this isn’t your “typical lecture,” see the complete presentation outline, and watch an extended video clip of the presentation, please download the information packet below or simply call 508-963-5555 for questions, pricing and availability.

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