High School Bullying & Cyber Bullying Prevention

Over recent years, high school bullying has become well known as the media has covered numerous stories about students who have been bullied and either taken their own lives or taken violent actions against their peers.  With new technology, including texting and social media, students can now be bullied 24/7.  The bullies and bystanders are unaware of the damage they are causing and need to be educated on the consequences of these actions.

Give Your High School Students A Highly Interactive & “Edutaining” Experience on Bullying Prevention!

If a speaker just stands on stage and lectures to your students, they’ll be bored and won’t be listening to the important messages.  As a professional “edutainer” Rob Hackenson believes that in order for students to learn, the speaker needs to be engaging. This is why he takes a dynamic approach deliver the important messages in an interactive, captivating and memorable way.

Your students will be engaged as Rob uses magic, illusions, role playing skits, video, props, and more to deliver an interactive presentation that delivers the important bullying prevention lessons in a way that will be remembered long after the presentation ends.

This Presentation’s Messages…

In order to create bullying awareness amongst your students and provide the important lessons of what to do and not to do, Rob addresses the 3 key components to bullying prevention.

1.  The bully

– What is and isn’t bullying
– Students aren’t born a bullying, it’s a learned behavior and can be changed
– How to make sure you don’t bully someone

2. The Bullying Target

– The difference between a “victim” and “target”
– What to do if you are targeted by a bully

3.  The Bystander

– Why is the bystander so important?
– What to do if you see bullying happening in front of you

The Banana Revolution

– Changing your perspective
– Inspiring idea that will change your students perspective and encourage them to make positive changes about bullying throughout your school


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