A Dynamic Vaping, Tobacco and Marijuana Awareness Speaker for Teens

Students continue to smoke tobacco while others are turning to smokeless tobacco, and the rate of teens vaping continues to skyrocket.  In addition to this, more and more teens don’t see any dangers associated with using marijuana, especially as states continue to legalize it’s recreational use.  The problem is that there are many common misperceptions about these substances and students are making choices without knowing all of the facts.  Having a dynamic Tobacco and Marijuana Awareness speaker can help!

This highly interactive presentation focuses on enlightening your students on the risks and expose the misperceptions.  We touch upon the commonly known dangers your students may already know, but then dive deeper by educating them on much less known medical studies and other eye opening information.  Students need to get all of the facts so they can make well educated decisions.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Marketing messages of tobacco and vaping companies vs. the Truth
  • Consequences of smoking that you already know
  • Why students still choose to smoke
  • The Vaping Craze & what students don’t know
  • Power of influence & perception
  • Dangers of smokeless tobacco
  • (Optional Section) – What students need to know about teen Marijuana Use
  • Looking to your future
  • How to make smart choices

The Difference

This is NOT your typical presentation.  When students are lectured to the audience will quickly tune the speaker out.  Although we talk about facts and statistics, it’s delivered in an innovative and engaging way.  Professional speaker Robert Hackenson Jr. creatively combines his skills of mind magic and illusions to help keep the students engaged while delivering the important educational messages.


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