A Dynamic Speaker on Social Media Safety For Your High School!

High school students  have access to new powerful technology like smart phones, tablets, social media, and more. However, with great power comes great responsibility. All too often, students are making poor decisions with this new technology without realizing the dangers and consequences.  This is why it’s important for students to hear the important messages delivered by our social media dangers speaker for high schools who covers these vital issues.

This presentations covers all the different social media “land mines” that students face, including:

  • Technology Addiction & Anxiety
  • Cyber bullying & hateful posting
  • Posting too much information
  • Predators using the information you post
  • Cyber safety and the illusion of security & privacy on social media
  • The risks of certain online challenges
  • Sexting (why it’s done and potential legal and social consequences)
  • Your digital profile & whose looking (colleges, employers, etc.)
  • and more…

The Dynamic Difference

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it.  Robert Hackenson Jr. is a dynamic social media dangers speaker for high schools that speaks with students about teenage social media safety, cyber safety, and responsible posting in a way that keeps engaged while being educated with important messages.  He is a professional “edutainer” as he infuses important educational lessons with captivating entertainment that is used in a way that makes the messages memorable.  The entertaining tools he uses include:

  • Amazing magic & Illusions
  • Powerful videos
  • Student involvement

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