Trade Show Services

Trade Show Magician for In-Booth Lead Generation

For your next trade show you can increase your qualified leads by 40%-600% with the Magical Trade Show Lead Generation Robert Hackenson Jr. in your booth.  Robert takes a dynamic approach by combining proven techniques to stop traffic, with memorable magic that will qualify booth visitors.

Rob will learn about and understand your different products/services. He then learns about who you are looking to meet at the trade trade show and what qualifies a person as a lead. Based on this information he develops a few different quick, mesmerizing,and memorable magic effects that tell and demonstrate your company’s sales pitch and qualifies the lead. Once a lead is qualified, Rob will then introduce the qualified lead to one of your sales representatives in your booth to answer questions and set up follow-up steps.

A Positive Addition to Your Booth Staff

It is often asked why have Rob in the booth when there is already booth staff that is suppose to be stopping traffic.  There are actually three reasons:

  1. As a trade show lead generation specialist, Robert will stop more traffic than any of your sales representatives. He knows and understands the best techniques to stop traffic that may be outside of the comfort zone for most sales representatives.
  2. Not every lead is a qualified. You want your sales reps talking to potential business, not someone that is unqualified but likes to just chat. Rob is a filter, as he qualifies the prospect before introducing them to your sales rep.
  3. Sales reps are looking to develop a relationship with prospects and learn and understand their needs, which will help the sales rep effectively follow up with the lead with appropriate information. However, as a sales rep is in a conversation, other qualified leads are walking by your booth. Rob will continue to stop traffic and qualify leads as your sales reps speak to the already qualified prospects in your booth.


An Entertaining Bonus: During the evening of trade shows companies often have dinners, parties, or other events for existing and/or potential customers. Robert provides day rates, which means you have him during the trade show, but if you have an evening event and want pure mind blowing entertainment, he can provide just that.  

There is also another option to provide customized “edutainment” which combines mind magic with educational messages about your theme, products, services, etc.  This helps to engage and educate your customers and prospects with messages that will be remembered.  Note: The custom tailored presentations may include additional costs.