Motivational High School Speaker on Drugs & Alcohol

High school students have heard the same thing for years from parents, teachers, organizations and speakers…”Don’t do drugs”.  Although this is an important message, students have begun to ignore this message and not listen to speaker that speak at them.

It’s important that students hear these important messages in new creative and though provoking ways. For this reason motivational high school speaker, Robert Hackenson Jr., specializes in delivering a highly interactive and engaging presentation on drug, alcohol, & tobacco awareness, perfect for high school assemblies.

Since 2004 Robert has been delivering this amazing edutainment presentation that focuses on why students make poor-decisions and teaches them how to see though certain mis-perceptions and negative influences.  He has a unique ability to truly connect with the students and keep them engaged as he discusses possible life goals, tells his personal stories, gets the students to participate in skits, and has them understanding how to make smart decisions.

Presentation Uniqueness

His captivating presentation speaks with your students and uniquely delivers the important message with:

  • Dynamic audience participation
  • Magic & Illusions
  • True heart-wrenching stories
  • The Power of Perception & Negative Influences


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