College Vaping Awareness Speaker

Edutaining Vaping Awareness Presentation For College Students

Over recent years vaping has significantly increased on college campuses. Some students started vaping in middle and high school, while others experiment in college. Often they don’t see the harm or potential long-term consequences. Instead they see it as fun, social, and enjoy the buzz/high from the nicotine or THC. What’s worse is some use it to cope with stress, anxiety, and/or to escape from life challenges.

Engage and Educate through Edutainment

How to connect with these students in a way that will have them open to rethinking what they “know” about vaping? Instead of a boring lecture, with our edutaining show your students will be engaged and educated as it uses magic, illusions, humor, and hypnosis skits to reinforce the important information. This highly interactive presentation will shed light on what led to the vaping craze, the marketing messages and techniques, and who’s behind the vaping industry. We also get into some of the latest medical research on the potential effects of vaping. Your students will not only be amazed with the magic, but when they see the truth and how they are being played.

This presentation covers: 

  • Truth behind the vaping industry
  • Potential health effects of vaping
  • The brain and nicotine
  • Perception vs reality of vaping THC
  • Dealing with life challenges
  • Understanding your emotions and mindset
  • Techniques of a positive mindset to cope with stress
  • The life you want is built with the decisions you make

Virtual presentation are also available!