Projecting the Executive Persona

Harsh Reality

Right or wrong, a person’s willingness to do something for you depends largely on that person’s perception of you. Projecting an executive persona helps you exude confidence and competence. People will respect and admire you from the first handshake. Creating an executive persona is a self-fulfilling prophecy in that it allows you to first envision yourself as a powerful leader, then convince others to see you that way too.

Projecting the Executive Persona is a Learned Skill, Not an Innate Talent

Projecting the executive persona is not something you are born with. The executive persona is something you learn. We offer programs that teach you how to create a powerful image of yourself, then project that image to the people you wish to influence. These programs teach you the basics, such as:

  • The importance of perception
  • How body language is often louder than words
  • Using body language to convey a message

You will also learn advanced skills, including:

  • The subtleties of a handshake
  • The single greatest mistake when making eye contact
  • How to never forget names again
  • Turning critics into loyal supporters
  • Altering pace to project confidence, especially under pressure
  • The benefits of speaking with subtle authority
  • How to develop a winning vocabulary

You will learn the secret to preventing power plays from competitors. You become the master of commanding attention when it best suits you. With the right guidance, projecting an executive persona becomes natural. In time, you might find you project a strong, authoritative personality without thinking.

Program Options

We understand that you have obligations and commitments so we have a variety of program options to chose from. Our program options include:

  • Option 1: Three-hour presentation
  • Option 2: Full-day seminar
  • Option 3: Two-day hands-on workshop

We welcome executives, salespeople, managers and anyone who interacts with others on a frequent basis to attend this valuable program. Projecting the executive persona is a learned skill and is available to you today. Change the way people perceive you and get more out of the relationships you make.