A Dynamic Social Media Dangers and Cyber Safety Speaker for College Students

Robert-Hackenson-Profile-Cards-Small-v2Digital technology and social media are powerful tools, which is why we need to think before we use them and before we post.  Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.  This presentation is called “Social Media Land Mines” because we often don’t even see the digital dangers and pitfalls until it’s too late.  Whether it’s getting addicted to technology or dealing with anxiety and depression, having conflict due to miscommunication, posting hateful things or things you’ll regret later, tarnishing your reputation or the reputation of your school or organization, social media can certainly blow up in your face.  Robert Hackenson Jr. is a highly interactive digital dangers and cyber safety speaker for college students that will engage and educate your students on how to use technology safely and responsibly.

This presentation focuses on the important things your college students need to be aware of, including:

    • Screen time and mental wellness
    • Social media anxiety
    • Communication & miscommunication in a digital age
    • Resolving conflict before it get worse
    • What to do if you’re targeted by hateful posts
    • Do’s and Don’ts of online dating
    • Posting without regret
    • Your digital footprint and reputation
    • Your post represents more than just you
    • Recap 3 rules to follow to post without regret

Presentation Can Be Tailored for Groups & Organizations (Including Greek Life & Student Athletes):

    • What you post could reflect poorly your school
    • If you are a member of a school organization, such as a fraternity or sorority, what you post can affect their image.

Choose Edutainment of Boring Lectures!

When looking for a speaker you want to find someone that will connect with your students and keep them engaged while delivering practical and useful information.  Instead of simply lecturing to students, Robert Hackenson Jr. has become internationally recognized for providing some amazing college edutainment.  Robert prides himself on being much more than a talking head as he crafts his educational lectures and then uses magic and hypnosis skits as tools to reinforce the educational lessons.  As a result, he delivers a highly interactive presentations that will both engage and educate your students in a way that will have your students remembering the lessons long after it ends!

Attendance Bonus:

When educational presentations are not mandatory, it can be difficult to get attendance for educational presentations.  To help increase attendance and ensure your event is a success, Robert provides a FREE in-person teaser by strolling around the dining hall or other high traffic areas doing magic and promoting the event which has proven to help generate buzz and fill seats.  In addition to this we also provide flyers, images and promo videos to share around campus.

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