The Power of Persuasion

Harness the Power of Persuasion

power of persuasion speakerNever underestimate the power of persuasion, that special something that convinces others to see things your way. Discovering the art and science of persuasion unlocks your full potential as a leader in your field.

We developed this program because we know that executives, salespeople, managers and anyone who needs to convince others cannot afford to ignore the power of persuasion any longer.

You will learn advanced persuasion techniques that will help you interact with others, how to use language to inflict the greatest persuasive effect, and will gain valuable tools, such as:

  • How to tell when another person is lying
  • How to use your body language
  • What your hand movements have to do with how others perceive you

The Power of Likability

We can help you understand why likability is so important and teach you how to establish it quickly for immediate persuasive power. Our program shows you how to use the law of reciprocity to get others excited about your initiatives. You already know that it is not what you ask for, it is the way you ask for it. We teach you how to ask for what you want in a way that assures you get it.

We will also go over other principles of persuasion, including:

  • Projecting authority in an effective way
  • Using scarcity to get others to act immediately
  • How to humble someone to get what you want


You will find out how to implement each of these techniques to their fullest effect. Achieving your personal and organizational goals relies on your ability to persuade your employees, business partners, customers, co-workers and others. Discovering your own innate ability to persuade others is very empowering. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get things done once you understand how to be persuasive.

Timing Options

For your convenience, we offer three program options:

  • Option 1: Two-hour presentation
  • Option 2: Half-day seminar
  • Option 3: Full-day seminar

All three of these options cover the essentials of persuasion, including:

  • The six proven pillars of persuasion
  • Mastering the pillars to achieve a desirable outcome
  • Why sales strategies without persuasion techniques inevitably fail
  • The distinction between persuasion and manipulation