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Non-verbal Communication e-Books:

“It’s not what you say but how you say it.” We’ve all hear that before. Preparing your answers to interview questions without practicing delivery skills is like showing up half naked. Over 50% of communication is non-verbal, which is why you need to prepare for how you will deliver the answers in order to outshine your competition.

This ebook is available on Amazon for the kindle.  If you don’t have a kindle you can simply download the “kindle app” for free

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Create a FREE Texting Hotline:

Adapting to the Way Students Communicate
This is not a news flash; students communicate through texting rather than actually calling anyone. Creating a “Text Hotline” allows your students to easily report with the proper authorities.

Easier for Students to Report
Although students see or hear about certain issues, they don’t necessarily report them.  They might not have the courage to speak to someone face to face, don’t want to be a “rat,” or think someone else will report it.

However, for students it’s easier to text in and report an issue through their phone rather than reporting it face to face or over the phone. This is why creating a TEXT Hotline provides your students with a new, easy, and comfortable way to report possible serious issues (such as a bully