Middle School

Engaging Speaker for Middle School Assemblies

Student attention spans are shrinking.  Speaker Rob Hackenson believes that simply lecturing to students is not an effective way to communicate.  Instead, a speaker needs to be dynamic in order to capture your students’ attention while delivering the important messages.  This is why Rob focuses on using magic, illusions, video, and true stories during his presentations to engage your students and make the important messages memorable.

Middle School Assembly Speaker Topics:

Digital & Social Media Safety

Social Media School Assembly Speaker logo
Social Media Landmines…
A dynamic presentation that will engage and educate your middle school students on cyber safety and social media dangers so they can use this technology responsibly.

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Vaping & Marijuana Awareness

Vaping Awareness presentation for middle schools

“Seeing Through the Vapor”…

Combining factual information with exploring social and emotional intelligence, your students will learn who’s behind the industry, perceptions vs realities, how they are getting played, and much more!

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Substance Awareness


“Sober Thoughts”…

Your life is built by the decisions you make. But what internal and external influences are impacting those decisions? Let your students understand these influences and their emotional reactions to them, how to focus on what they can control, simple ways to make positive decisions, and much more!

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Bullying & Cyberbullying


“Let’s Talk Respect” delivers important lessons in an interactive and edutaining fashion. Your students will learn:

  • what bullying is and isn’t (in-person and online)
  • how to make sure you don’t bully anyone
  • why cyber-bullying is so dangerous
  • how to keep your power if you are targeted by bullying
  • what to do if you see bullying

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