The Middle School Anti-Bullying Message

During this highly interactive bullying prevention assembly your middle school students will be inspired, captivated, and educted about bullying awareness.  This dynamic anti-bullying speaker delivers much more than your “typical lecture,” as your students will have an educational experience that infuses lecture with magic, escapes, skits, video, and more.

They will witness things like a straight jacket escape to demonstrate how it feels to be bullied, and learn how although it can be a struggle, you need to keep working in order to escape.  They will also see and crazy mind magic to show the biggest dangers of cyber bullying, what to do if you see bullying happening in person or online, and what they can do to make a positive atmosphere in their school.

Bottom line, your students will remember the important messages and be talking about the lessons learned long after the presentation ends.

Here are a few of the topics covered:

– Defining what is and isn’t bullying


– Why someone might bully
– How to prevent yourself from being a bully


– The mental difference between being a “victim” and being “targeted” by bullying
– What to do when targeted by a bully


– Why bystanders are the most powerful
– The difference between tattling and reporting
– Why bystanders don’t act
– How to be an upstander
– Best techniques to intervene when you see bullying in person or online


– How to think differently about bullying and make positive changes

The Next Step

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