A Dynamic Speaker for Middle Schools on Drugs & Alcohol

Middle school students are experimenting with drugs and alcohol at a younger age than ever.  Their decisions to use are related to the perceptions and influences from siblings, friends in high school, the media, and the desire to fit in.

Having a motivational speaker for middle school students before they move up to high school can help your students make smarter decisions.  However, you need a speaker that will be able to capture their attention and uniquely convey the important messages to them.

Dynamic Speaker & “Edutainer”:

Speaker/Edutainer Rob Hackenson works to keep your students engaged and make the messages memorable through magic, illusions, skits, and more.  This presentation covers:

  • Goals and aspirations
  • Negative Perceptions & Influences
  • Situations of peer pressure
  • Possible Situations In High School
  • How to make safe decisions in tough situations

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