Sexual Assault Prevention, Risk Reduction, & Bystander Empowerment

Raising awareness on campus about sexual assault is critical, especially with the new Title IX guidelines.  When hosting these campus programs, the challenge is to find a college sexual assault speaker that will connect with the general student population, keep them engaged, and deliver important relevant messages in a memorable way.

College sexual assault speaker and “edutainer,” Robert Hackenson Jr.  delivers a highly interactive and informative presentation with a 3 step approach.  First he discusses mens vital role in sexual assault prevention and the male culture that is filled with misperceptions and a “not my problem” mentality.  Robert then discusses risk reduction techniques, including exploring the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault.  This is very important because although alcohol does not cause sexual assault to occur, it is used by the perpetrator, victim, or both, in approximately 50% of sexual assault cases.  Lastly, Robert discusses the importance of the bystander and empowers them with several techniques for both male and female bystanders to either directly or indirectly intervene during risky situations.

As an “edutainer” Robert’s presentation thoughtfully and prudently infuses magic, stories, and more into his lecture in a way that  will keep your students engaged, while reinforcing the educational lessons.  Every piece of magic, story, video clip, etc. is used to deliver a message and make it memorable, without making light of the seriousness issue.  His presentation helps to start a conversation amongst your students about alcohol and sexual assault and make them think not only about their own safety, but as a bystander, how and when to act for the safety of their peers.

What Does This Presentation Discuss?

Prevention & the Male Culture Around Sexual Assault

  • Discussing the male role in prevention and changing the “not my problem” mentality.
  • Exploring the characteristics of the serial rapist and one time offenders.
  • How remaining silent when you hear certain jokes or see certain actions is enabling the sexual assault culture.
  • Exposing the myth that other guys won’t respect you for speaking up or stepping in.
  • How to engage other men to step up and change the culture.

Sexual Assault Risk Reduction:

  • The relationship between alcohol and sexual assault and what men and women can do to protect themselves and each other.
  • How social media could potentially be used and how to take the proper steps to stay safe.

The Bystander

  • Why bystanders often do not act
  • Spotting a potential risky situation and safe ways to intervene
  • How to talk to a friend when you find their behavior to be questionable

Promoting Respect

  • It all comes down to one word, “respect.”  Having respect for yourself, friends, and complete strangers.  Respecting others to the point that they will stop and think before they act, and if they see something going on, they will step in.


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