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The Beginning

In 2004 Dynamic Influence was founded and began its mission to engage and educate.  Founder and nationally recognized speaker Robert Hackenson Jr. started Dynamic Influence with belief that attention spans are shrinking and if audiences are bored, the important message will be lost. Robert saw a unique opportunity to infuse educational lectures and trainings with his dynamic skills as a magician, certified hypnotist, and master of influence.  Over the years Robert has developed presentations and trainings on a number of topics, and has an exceptional ability to tailor the material, presentation style, and forms of entertainment to his audience.

Speaking & Training Across North America

We have now presented to audiences in over half of the United States coast to coast, as well as provinces up in Canada.  We’ve worked with prestigious companies like Frito-Lay, New York Life, First Data, and Boston Beer Company, organizations like FBLA, the American Lung Association, and STUCO, along with speaking at hundreds of colleges and schools k-12.  [View Some of Our Clients]

Our Speakers

Upon growing demand, Dynamic Influence is now home to additional dynamic speakers and trainers that follow the companies mission to engage and educate.  All of our speakers deliver important information in a very interactive, engaging, and memorable way.  [Meet Our Speakers]


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