Anti-bullying Speaker for High School Assemblies

Get-Information Package for Anti-bullying Speaker for High School Assembly

The High School Anti-Bullying Message

This high school presentation works to educate and inspire students about bullying awareness and prevention.  It teaches people how they can make sure they don’t bully anyone without even knowing it, empowers the targets of bullying and provides ways to deal with bullying, and educates bystanders on why they can play a key role on stopping bullying immediately.

Here are a few of the topics covered:

– What is and isn’t bullying?

– People aren’t born a bully, it’s a learned behavior
– Have you been a bully without knowing it?
– How can you make sure you never bully someone?


– What do you do if you’re targeted by a bully?


– Why is the bystander so important?
– What to do if you see bullying
– The difference between tattling and reporting


– How to think differently about bullying and make positive changes

The Delivery

The presentation will keep your students engaged while they learn.  Your students will witness things like a straight jacket escape to demonstrate how someone targeted by a bully might feel constrained, but even though it can be a struggle you need to keep working to escape, or a crazy “Mind Magic” effect to demonstrate the dangers of cyber bullying.  It guarantees to be a presentation your students will love and remember.


The Next Step

To get a better understanding of how this isn’t your “typical lecture,” see the complete presentation outline, and watch an extended video clip of the presentation, please download the information packet below or simply call 508-963-5555 for questions, pricing and availability.

Get-Information Package for Anti-bullying Speaker for High School Assembly