Why Have A Parent Education Night on Social Media?

Parent Education Night on Teen Social Media SafetyIt is important for both parents and teachers to understand the potential issues and safety concerns that come along with modern technology.  A parent education night on teen social media safety is vital as it will:

  1.  Provide a unified message to the students from the assembly speaker, teachers, and parents.
  2.  Show parents what potential issues their child is facing online, equip them with talking points to start the conversation, and provide tips on how to keep the conversation alive.
  3. Teaching social media safety can’t just be left up to teachers alone; parents need to get involved, and a parent education night on teen social media safety will help!

What Parents Will Learn

This presentation will appeal to the tech savvy parent, the parent who is technology-illiterate, and everyone in between.  Parents will start by hearing the important messages their child received during the school assembly.  This not only shows them some of the issues, but also provides talking points to start a conversation with their teen later.

Parents will also learn specific information just for them, including:

  • best practices on keeping their kids safe online
  • techniques on how to talk to their kids about technology
  • avoid getting overwhelmed while staying relevant in the ever-changing world of “apps”
  • popular apps and what they need to worry about
  • great ideas for household rules on smartphones and technology
  • helpful tools on how to monitor their child on social networks
  • resources for security settings on different apps
  • texting lingo parents need to know
  • parent-to-teen cell phone contract


Bonus:parent night on teen social media safety

Parents will also gain access to our Social Media Safety Parent Portal for 12 months!  This portal:

  • can be used as a point of reference for parents to revisit the important lessons.
  • helps parents to stay current on the potential issues
  • allows parents to ask questions
  • gives access additional resources.