Social Media Landmines Presentation for High Schools – California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley

An edutaining presentation on digital and social media safety

Welcome teachers and students of California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley! Enjoy and learn from this engaging presentation delivered by internationally recognized social media safety speaker Robert Hackenson Jr.  This educational experience creates awareness of potential issues while discussing how to avoid some of the potential traps you can fall into when using digital technology and social media.

Don’t worry, this will not be one of those typical boring lectures. Robert has made it his mission to make learning engaging and fun. His presentation combines important educational lessons with magic, illusions, humor and more!

Get Ready to Learn About:

  • Social media anxiety
  • Technology addiction, screen time and mental health
  • Communication and miscommunication in a digital age
  • Cyber bullying and hateful posting
  • What to do if you are targeted by bullying or if you are an online bystander
  • Safety concerns
  • Sexting
  • Your digital footprint / online reputation

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