An “Edutaining” Substance Awareness Speaker for Colleges

College Sexual Assault Speaker Robert Hackenson Jr. Profile PicWhen looking for a substance awareness speaker for colleges, you want to choose one that won’t be boring, and delivering the same old message in the same old way.   Let’s face it, if students are bored, they aren’t listening.  You want a speaker that will keep your students engaged while delivering useful information that they can actually relate to and use.

Professional college speaker and “edutainer” Robert Hackenson Jr. is internationally recognized for his highly interactive college “edutainment” presentations.  For over 10 years he has been delivering dynamic presentations that infuse educational lecture with magic and hypnosis that engages and educates.  Nationally, students have enjoyed his dynamic presentations in 46 out of the 50 states, along with students around the world as far as Australia.

The Difference

This presentation is not a “don’t drink” substance awareness presentation, but instead simply focuses on why poor decisions are made and how to see through common college misperceptions and make positive choices.  Robert starts his presentation by pulling an 8ft ladder out of a briefcase to discuss the ladder of life and how students are currently building their foundation.  Often when we are in college we make decisions based on certain situations or what we think we are expected to do, as opposed to what is best for us and our ladder of life.  Robert takes the audience through a roller coaster of emotions with stories and humor while also infusing magic and hypnosis skits in a way that helps to reinforce the educational lessons.  Students will leave this presentation with a different perspective and hopefully with the ability to make decisions that will help them climb their ladder on a solid foundation.

What This Presentation Covers:

  • The negative college misperceptions and influences in college
  • Why college students often fall victim to them
  • How to avoid poor-decision making
  • Personal stories that the speaker was lucky to live through
  • 3 Steps on how to see through perceptions & make positive decisions

Trouble with Attendance for Educational Sessions? No Problem!

When educational sessions are not mandatory it can be a challenge getting students to attend.  To help boost attendance, Rob will arrive early to provide a FREE teaser by strolling around the dining hall and other high traffic areas performing some of his mind blowing magic.  We also provide flyers, posters, and promo videos to help promote your event.  This has proven to help generate buzz and fill seats as students get to see this won’t be a typical lecture!  Learn more…


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