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Anti-Bullying School Assembly to Make Bullying Vanish

Especially with new modern technology, the seriousness of bullying has come center stage in recent years and it’s shown how students today, k-12 and even in college, are experiencing bullying much different than it was years ago.  However, as bullying occurs students, teachers, and parents witness this behavior as bystanders and do nothing, while some believe it’s acceptable and just a part of life.  This thought process needs to change and creating awareness through a Anti-Bullying School Assembly can help!

A Mission for Positive Change

Bullying Prevention Speaker Rob Hackenson Jr

After receiving Anti-Bullying Training from the Anti-Defamation League and earning an MBA and Certificate in Advanced Organizational Leadership from Nichols College, Rob Hackenson Jr. decided he wanted to use his unique skills to promote positive change.  As a professional speaker since 2004, Rob continues to travel across the country delivering his educational messages to students, teachers, and parents in a dynamic way.

Importance of Keeping Students Engaged

As you look for your anti-bullying speaker for your school assemblies it’s important to find one that is engaging.  In fact, the success of connecting with students and having them truly hear and remember the important messages really depends on the speakers ability to keep their attention.  If your students’ are bored they aren’t listening.

Not Your Typical Speaker

This is not your typical educational lecture where a speaker stands up and talks AT your students. Instead, as a professional “edutainer,” Rob speaks WITH your students and keeps them engaged  while delivering the important anti-bullying messages through:

– Magic
– Illusions
– Props
– Skits/role playing

Age Appropriate Lessons & Delivery for K-12

Rob has created multiple versions of his anti-bullying presentation in order to tailor the message and the magic to the audience.  In addition to the age appropriate messages and delivery, the magic involved changes as well.  This helps to ensure that all ages will be totally captivated throughout the entire presentation.

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NOTE:  In addition to student presentations, Rob also provides presentations for teacher development and parent nights.