Elementary School Bullying Prevention Speaker

Elementary School Speaker on Bullying Prevention

Over recent years bullying has been made aware through national news, which has resulted schools creating new initiatives to raise awareness throughout their student body.  Having a bullying prevention school assembly can be an effective way to do this, but remember that its effectiveness depends on the anti-bullying speakers ability to connect with and captivate your students.

A Dynamic Speaker

Young elementary school students will not pay attention to a speaker that simply stands up and lectures to them.  This is why our speaker has created a unique presentation tailored to elementary school students as it uses age-appropriate magic, illusions, and more to convey important anti-bullying messages.

The Anti-Bullying Message

As your students are engaged by the speaker, they will received and understand the important messages of the anti-bullying presentation.  This presentation focuses on:

  • Defining what is or isn’t bullying
  • Discussing why people bully
  • Best techniques to use when being targeted by a bully
  • The power of the bystander
  • The difference between “tattling” and “reporting”
  • The “Banana Revolution” on Bullying

Next Steps

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