Skit Comedy Hypnosis Show

Skit Comedy Hypnosis Show

Our comedy hypnosis show is extremely unique as it combines the art of improv skit-comedy with hypnosis.  Your students, friends, or colleagues are hypnotized and take part in different skits that are provided by the audience.  The audience also provides the quirks that are given to the hypnotized subjects.


One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard about comedy hypnotists is that the audience was tired of seeing the same old show every year.  This is why our comedy hypnosis shows change each year!  We have 4 different unique themes to our shows so that we can return each year and your students will never see the same show twice (unless they stay back in high school or take an extended college plan).

Different Themes of Our Comedy Hypnosis Show

  • Reality TV
  • the Carnival
  • the News Cast
  • Super Heroes

Comedy Hypnosis Shows Tailored to the Audiences

The improv skit comedy hypnosis show is tailored to your audience size and ages.

  • College Students
  • High Schools
  • FUNdraisers
  • Private or Family Party
  • Public Party/Festival/Holiday Party

Watch Video Clips of Our Comedy Hypnosis Shows