iEndorse Networking Apps for Companies

What is the iEndorse App?

For Businesses: iEndorse is a personalized, exclusive, networking app that connects you to the qualified clients of the businesses you trust within your business sphere. Note: A business sphere is a group of businesses you do not directly compete with, but have similar clients. For example: a realtor, mortgage broker, carpenter, painter, and landscaper have similar clients, but are non-competitive with each other.

For Customers: The app provides a list of local professionals who are trusted by the people you trust.

What are the Benefits?

Benefits for Your Business

  • Create your own connection hub w/ the people you trust
  • Leverage your existing network
  • Magnify your marketing reach to qualified leads
  • Automatically stay in front of prospects via their mobile device
  • Save time while increasing customer satisfaction

Benefits for Customers

  • Saves time
  • Provides connections to local vetted companies
  • 24/7 convenience from mobile device
  • Access to special promotions

How Does It Work?

Here is an example of how the iEndorse app works with a “Home Sphere” connection hub…

Here’s How It Works

How the User Benefits

Here is How Get Started?

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