Highly Interactive & Edutaining School Assembly Speaker

For over a decade, speaker and “edutainer” Robert Hackenson Jr. has been delivering dynamic presentations to students (grades k-12), parents, and professional educators.  His highly interactive, engaging, and “edutaining” performance infuses educational lecture with magic, illusions, stories, and more!  This not only keeps your students captivated, but is used in a way to reinforce the educational lessons.  He has now delivered “edutaining” presentations in 46 states coast to coast, along with several Canadian provinces.  [View Client List]

Edutainment Lecture Topics:

Information Packet for College-Speaker-on-Substance-Awareness “Sober Thoughts” (Substance Awareness & Positive Choices)

This is not a “Don’t Do Drugs!” type of presentation.  Robert delivers an amazing presentation that will motivate, inspire, and empower your students to make the best choices for their own “ladders of life.”  Often students already know the dangers of substance use and abuse, but choose to use anyways.  Robert exposes the misperceptions that lead to these decisions and empowers your students to see through the negative influences and illusions.  Both the Magic and the Messages are tailored audience grade levels, and he also offers a presentation tailored for parents along with an online portal for parents!  

Tailored for:  Middle School Version    |     High School Version  |  Parent Nights  |  Online Portal for Parents

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Information Packet for College-Speaker-on-Social-Media-Dangers“Social Media Land Mines”  (Social Media Safety & Responsible Posting)

Students are facing new challenges and consequences by not thinking before they post.  Robert titled this presentation “Social Media Land Mines” because often students don’t see or think about certain dangers until they step on it and it’s too late.  Many elementary, middle, and high schools are innondated with issues amongst their students posting things they shouldn’t.  Robert has tailored presentations for grades 4 – 12, along with parent nights and teacher development.  Depending on the age level, this presentation will discuss: technology addiction, social media anxiety, miscommunication, hatefuly posting/cyber bullying, meeting people on line, posting too much information on line, online challenges, your digital footprint and whose looking (i.e. colleges and employers), and sexting (when age appropriate).  

Tailored for:  Elementary School Version  |  Middle School Version  |  High School Version  |  Parent Nights

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College-Speaker-on-Bullying-PreventionBullying & Cyber Bullying Prevention – “Let’s Talk Respect” 

This presentation “edutains” students on what bullying and cyberbullying is, what it isn’t, and what we can do about it.  Robert looks at the difference between being a “victim” or “target” and explains what to do if you are targeted by bullying (as he compares it to being trapped in a straight jacket, which he then escapes from).  Most importantly, Robert empowers bystanders to become “upstanders” and promotes “Respect” (as he litterally burns the word into a signed piece of paper that is in the hands of one of your students).  He then concludes by challenging your students to set the tone of what is accepted and what is not, and to take ownership of the school culture.  The messages and magic change depending on the audience grade levels.  

Tailored for:  Elementary School Version  |  Middle School Version  |  High School Version  |  Parent Nights

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