Middle School Bullying Prevention Assembly Speaker


Middle School Speaker on Bullying Prevention

Middle-School-Bullying-ProgramAs bullying continues to be a growing problem within schools, having an effective bullying prevention speaker for your middle school assembly can help in your anti-bullying initiative.  But remember that successfully conveying the anti-bullying messages depends on how engaging the speaker is.

When Students Are Bored They Aren’t Listing

Edutaining speaker Rob Hackenson believes that when students are lectured to, they quickly become bored and the important educational lessons are lost on a daydreaming audience.  This is why it is his mission to deliver engaging “edutainment” presentations that will captivate your students during your middle school assembly while driving home the important educational lessons in a memorable way with:

    • Magic
    • Illusions
    • True Stories
    • Skits
    • Video

The Anti-Bullying Message

In order to prevent bulling in middle school, your students need to play an active role.  During this presentation, your middle school students will learn and understand the important messages of the anti-bullying presentation including:

    • What bullying is and the different types
    • Understanding that people aren’t born bullies, its an action that is learned.
    • What may cause someone to bully
    • The difference between a victim and a target
    • What to do if you are targeted by bullying
    • What is a bystander and why are they so important
    • What to do when you see bullying in person or online
    • Join the “Banana Revolution Against Bullying”

Next Steps

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