Why Have A Parent Education Night on Bullying Awareness?

It is important for both parents and teachers to understand the new trends and potential issues of bullying and cyber bullying, how to spot it, and how to address it.  A parent education night on bullying awareness will:

  1. Provide a unified message between students, teachers, and parents.
  2. Enlighten parents what potential issues their child is facing
  3. Show the community your school is taking an initiative to curb bullying and cyber bullying

What Parents Will Learn

This presentation will appeal to every parent, as this is an important topic and any child can be effected by it.  During this presentation, parents will learn the important messages their child received at the assembly, along with specific information just for parents, including:

    • Facts about bullying and cyber bullying that all parents and teachers need to know.
    • How to teach kids the difference between “children playing rough” vs. “bullying” 
    • When to let children “handle things on their own” and when to step in
    • What are the warning signs to look for with bullying and cyber bullying.
    • Additional helpful tools and resources to help parents combat cyber bullying

Bonus:parent night on teen social media safety

Parents will also gain access to our Bullying Awareness Parent Portal for 12 months!  This portal:

  • can be used as a point of reference for parents to revisit the important lessons.
  • helps parents to stay current on the potential issues
  • allows parents to ask questions
  • gives access additional resources.