Self-Esteem Speaker for Youth

Self-Esteem Presentation:

Are you looking for a dynamic self-esteem speaker for youth organizations, schools, or other events?  This presentation promotes self-esteem and encourages your students to believe in themselves.  With a favorable opinion of oneself, they will be inspired and know that they can rise to any challenge.  When children believe they have a compelling future, they will be more likely to make positive decisions.

Your students will learn:

– Self-efficacy & self-esteem
– Vulnerability & avoidance
– Risk & success
– How to dare to dream
– To define success
– Their personal strengths
– How to create a map to success
– The power of visualization
– Picking a role model
– How to improve their performance
– The difference between attitude & gratitude

The Difference…

This presentation uses magic to deliver the important messages to your students.  This will grab their attention and make for an unforgettable experience.