Providing Attendance Support

Your Challenge

Part of having a successful event is getting students to come to it!  Like most campuses, you might have a difficult time getting students to attend educational lectures if it’s not mandatory.  Although the speaker and the messages may be excellent, it won’t matter if no one is there to hear them.

Your success is our success, which is why we provide you with unique support that has a proven track record of building buzz on campus and increasing attendance to our educational presentations.

What You Get

Prior to the Event:  We provide you with a short promo video that you can share with your students to let them see that this won’t be a typical lecture along with promo images, and flyer templates.  Also, because this presentation infuses magic and hypnosis, you can promote this presentation on campus in two ways.  Some schools promote this presentation as a lecture, while others promote it as a Hypnosis and Magic Show with an “Educational Twist.”  We provide flyer templates for either option.

Day of the Event:  Robert will arrive early on campus and stroll around high traffic areas like dining halls or campus centers to blow the minds of your students with close up magic, while informing them about the program going on that day.

Having an afternoon presentation?  Some colleges schedule events during lunch break.  On these occasions, depending on travel schedule, Robert can do the teaser either the evening before, during dinner, or during the morning breakfast.

Watch Promo Video for Live Teaser