Dynamic Youth Motivational Speaker

A speakers effectiveness of conveying important educational messages heavily relies on their ability to engage and relate to the students.  As a professional youth motivational speaker and “edutainer,” Robert Hackenson Jr.’s dynamic approach does just that.  For over a decade Robert has made it his mission to engage and educate students (grades k-12), parents, and professional educators.

Robert’s highly interactive performances speak with your students instead of at them, keeps their attention, and delivers relevant messages.  He uniquely infuses educational lecture with magic, illusions, stories, and more!  This not only keeps your students captivated, but everything he does is used in a way to reinforce the educational lessons.  He has now delivered “edutaining” presentations in 46 states coast to coast, along with several Canadian provinces.  [View Client List]

Edutainment Lecture Topics:

Information Packet for College-Speaker-on-Substance-Awareness “Sober Thoughts” (Substance Awareness & Positive Choices)

This is not a “Don’t Do Drugs!” type of presentation.  Often students already know the dangers of substance use and abuse, but choose to use anyways.  Instead, this presentation focuses on what goes into decision making, the power of perception and influences, and teaches self awareness.  This empowering presentation teaches students how to see through these negative influences and stay focused on making the decisions that will build the life you want.  Both the Magic and the Messages are tailored audience grade levels.  

Information Page for:  Middle School Version    |     High School Version

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Information Packet for College-Speaker-on-Social-Media-Dangers“Social Media Land Mines”  (Social Media Safety & Responsible Posting)

Students are facing new challenges and consequences by not thinking before they post.  During this presentation, Robert discusses: social media addiction, digital footprints and what job recruiters are looking for, hateful posting, safety concerns, sexting (when age appropriate), and how in some cases, what they post doesn’t just represent them, but also their school and/or organization or team.  Learn More…

Information Pages for:  Elementary School Version  |  Middle School Version  |  High School Version  |  Parent Nights

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College-Speaker-on-Bullying-PreventionBullying & Cyber Bullying Prevention – “Let’s Talk Respect” 

This presentation “edutains” students on what bullying and cyberbullying is, what it isn’t, and what we can do about it.  Robert promotes “Respect” and shows how it’s something you need to have burned into your mind (and actually burns RESPECT into a signed piece of paper a student is holding in their fist).  This presentation will connect with your students, keep them engaged, and encourages to change of the “this is the way it’s always been, nothing we can do” attitude.  Learn More…

Tailored for:  Elementary School Version  |  Middle School Version  |  High School Version  |  Parent Nights

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Additional Topics: