Transition into College Speaker

Motivational Speaker on the Transition into College

Freshman are often overwhelmed with thoughts of their increased work load and responsibility, how they will fit in, and are excited to test their new freedoms.  However, many students also have misperceptions of how college students are “expected” to act (such as abusing substances, hook-ups, and the “anything goes” mentality) which could have a serious impact on their college experience and their ability to reach their life goals.

This “edutainment” presentation will provide the tools and outlook necessary to succeed in college.  The students will learn  how to create goals, understand how the choices they make could affect their goals (negative consequences for their actions), and how to exceed their own expectations.

What Makes The Presentation Unique?

It is typically a challenging task to keep students engaged during an educational lecture.  More often than not, students become bored and the educational messages you want them to hear, fall upon deaf ears.

Speaker and “edutainer” Rob Hackenson Jr. takes a different approach.  He utilizes his unique skills to both engage and educate your students.  Your students will be captivated the entire time as they learn the important lessons through dynamic entertainment including:

– Mind Magic
– Hypnosis Skits
– Real Stories
– Audience Participation

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