Vaping Redemption Course

Why Choose Vaping Redemption?

American Society of Addiction Medicine states “people with addiction use substances or engage in behaviors that become compulsive and often continue despite harmful consequences.”  Because of this, simply punishing students caught vaping with detentions and suspensions will not solve the true problem.  They will simply get better at hiding it.  Instead of (or in addition to) the punitive consequences, now you can give your students a chance to redeem themselves through education!

Showing Teens How They Are Getting Played

There are several reasons teens may start vaping.  Maybe they heard marketing messages that it wasn’t that bad, or peer influence, or looking to cope with stress and other life challenges.  Through our vaping redemption course your students will learn:  

  • Who is behind the vaping industry
  • How they are being played 
  • The real health effects and risks of vaping 
  • Techniques to deal with social pressures
  • Develop healthy coping techniques

Steps to Quit Vaping

Your life is built by the decisions you make. Although you can’t make someone quit using a substance, this vaping redemption course challenges your student to build a better life for themselves by making better decisions.  It discusses how  

They are then presented with information about:

  • Addiction symptoms
  • How the sooner they quit, the better the success rate
  • The best techniques to quit vaping
  • Resources available to help them

How It Works?

The vaping redemption course is made up of research based information that is delivered through videos, content your student can either read or listen to, and quiz questions in between each section.  

There is a pdf study sheet that can be printed out for your student that they can fill out as they go, which will help them with the quiz questions and will ensure they pay attention. Your student needs to answer all quiz questions correctly in order to move onto the next section.  Note: the quiz questions change each time.  At the end there is a final quiz that is made up of some of the questions from the earlier quizzes.

Once your student goes through each section and answers all the quiz questions correctly, they will be awarded a personalized digital certificate of completion.  They can either send the link to the instructor OR print it out hand it in with the completed study guide. 


Q: Can students see who else is in the vaping redemption course?

A: No. Only teachers or administrators can see who is in the course.

Q: Are their limits to how many students can be added to the course?

A: No. There are no user limits.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?

A: Roughly 1-2 hours to go through the entire presentation.