Vaping Redemption Course

Why Vaping Redemption?

Instead of detentions and suspensions for students that get caught vaping, give them a chance at redemption through education! The Vaping Redemption Course was designed for students that get caught vaping.

This is a fully automated courses that students can go through at their pace and consists of:

  • Watching interactive videos
  • Reading and listening to content
  • Fill-in-the-blank study guide
  • Quiz questions to move onto each unit

What will your student learn?

  • How they are being manipulated
  • Who is behind the vaping industry and why they are being targeted
  • The actual health risks of vaping (nicotine and/or THC)
  • The financial cost of vaping over time
  • Best practices and resources if they want to quit

How to Ensure the Student Pays Attention?

  • There is a fill-in-the-blank study guide you can print out for each student.
  • In between each unit there is a quiz question that the student has to answer correctly in order to move onto the next unit.
  • The quiz questions change each time.
  • Only after the student takes the final quiz and answers all of the questions correctly, they are awarded a personalized certificate of completion.
  • After the student completes the course they can print out their certificate and hand in BOTH the study guide and the certificate of completion to whoever is overseeing the course.
  • Whoever is overseeing the course can monitor their progress if needed.

How It Works

Accessing the Course

  • You access the Vaping Redemption course through our online edutainment portal. Your school or organization will be set up as a group within the portal and you can add admin and/or teachers to the group. These are the ones who will add the student/teen to the course by simply adding the student/teen email to invite them to your group. Once the student is added, they will receive and email invite along with a link to “how to” videos, and will gain access to the course.

Taking The Course

  • Once the student clicks “start course” they will be taken through a series of engaging videos and content your student can either read or listen to, that delivers research based information. In between each section there are quiz questions they have to answer correctly in order to move onto the next section.
  • Note: the quiz questions change each time.  


  • Q: What does it cost?
  • A: It’s $550/year per school district (up to 3 schools)
  • Q: Are there limits to how many students can be added to the course?
  • A: No. There are no user limits.
  • Q: How long does it take to complete the course?
  • A: Roughly 1-2 hours to go through the entire presentation
  • Q: Can students see who else is in the vaping redemption course?
  • A: No. Only the person conducting the course or administrators can see who is in the course.

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