Virtual College Sexual Assault Prevention Presentation

Sexual AssaultPrevention, Risk Reduction, & Bystander Empowerment

Sexual assault prevention is critical for any campus.  The challenge is to find a college sexual assault presentation that will connect with the general student population, keep them engaged, and deliver important relevant messages in a memorable way. This virtual presentation will do just that.

College sexual assault speaker and “edutainer,” Robert Hackenson Jr.  delivers a highly interactive and informative virtual presentation with 3 areas of focus.  

  1. Mens vital role in sexual assault prevention.  
  2. Risk reduction techniques, including online dating and exploring the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault.  
  3. The importance of the bystander and empowers them with several techniques to either directly or indirectly intervene during risky situations.

As an “edutainer” Robert’s presentation thoughtfully infuses magic, stories, and more into his lecture in a way that  will keep your students engaged, while reinforcing the educational lessons. Of course every piece of magic, story, video clip, etc. is used to deliver a specific message without making light of the seriousness issue.  His presentation helps to start a conversation amongst your students about alcohol and sexual assault and make them think not only about their own safety, but as a bystander, how and when to act for the safety of their peers.

You Get More Than Just A Presentation!

  • Edutaining – During the interactive live virtual presentation, your students will participate by asking, watching illusions, and some of them will participate in virtual magic tricks that are used to help keep it fun and reinforce the lessons.   
  • Can’t Make the Live Presentation? No Problem! – The presentation is recorded and you will be given access to the recorded presentation for 30 days.  This way any students that weren’t able to attend the live version  can still view the presentation, while others can look back and view the presentation again.
  • Confirmation – Quiz at the end of the presentation that the students have to take in order to show they watched and paid attention to the presentation. 
  • Continued Learning – Teachers get additional class discussion topics and activities for continued conversation and learning after the presentation.