Virtual College Vaping Awareness Edutainment

Why virtually educate your students on vaping now?

We know that there has been an increase of teens and college students vaping over recent years. Some just experiment while others use it to cope with stress, anxiety, and life challenges. During these strange times of quarantine and social distancing, there can be an increased strain on mental health. As a result, many students will look to use vaping as a way to cope with or escape from these challenges. This virtual vaping awareness presentation incorporates current events, the challenges your college students currently face, and gives them the necessary tools to make positive choices in these challenging times. 

Engage and Educate through Edutainment

It’s important to deliver this information in a dynamic way. Much more than just boring slides with lecture, our virtual presentation option is designed to engage and educate. Virtual magic, illusions, and interaction your students will be captivated as they learn the new information that will have them rethinking what they “know” about the vaping industry. Your students will learn what actually led to the vaping craze, the marketing messages and techniques, and who’s behind the vaping industry. We also get into some of the latest medical research on the potential effects of vaping. Your students will not only be amazed with the magic, but when they see the truth and how they are being played.

Coping Techniques, Resources, & Quitting Strategies

Your students will learn better coping techniques on how to deal with and get good at stress. We dive into positive psycohology different points of view you can use when We also dive into better coping techniques to help your students get good

This presentation covers: 

  • The challenges we are currently facing
  • How we view challenges, boredom, and stress
  • Truth behind the vaping industry
  • Potential health effects of vaping
  • The teen brain and nicotine
  • Perception vs reality of vaping THC
  • Dealing with life circumstances
  • Understanding your emotions and mindset
  • Techniques of a positive mindset to cope with stress
  • How to invest your new free time to get ahead later
  • The life you want is built with the decisions you make (especially when under pressure)

You Get More Than Just A Presentation!

  • Edutaining – During the interactive live virtual presentation, your students will participate by asking, watching illusions, and some of them will participate in virtual magic tricks that are used to help keep it fun and reinforce the lessons.   
  • Can’t Make the Live Presentation? No Problem! – The presentation is recorded and you will be given access to the recorded presentation for 30 days.  This way any students that weren’t able to attend the live version  can still view the presentation, while others can look back and view the presentation again.
  • Confirmation – Quiz at the end of the presentation that the students have to take in order to show they watched and paid attention to the presentation. 
  • Continued Learning – Teachers get additional class discussion topics and activities for continued conversation and learning after the presentation.