Virtual Presentations for Schools

3 Format Options

We offer multiple format options for each our virtual presentations so that you can find the best option to meet your needs! 

Option 1 – Live Streaming  The Live-streaming presentations allow for student interaction, participation in virtual magic effects and illusions, and the ability for a live Q&A at the end (time permitting).

Option 2 – Full Pre-recorded  With this you can have your students watch the full pre-recorded presentation.  This can take place during class or from the comfort of their own home. It’s recommended to have a class discussion or writing assignment after the presentation to ensure they pay attention, or choose option 3!

Option 3 – On Demand  This is perfect for students to do independently and ensures they actually paid attention. With this option the pre-recorded presentation is broken into shorter segments with short quiz questions between each segment.  Each student needs to answer the questions correctly in order to move to the next section. Upon completion of watching all the videos and answering all the questions correctly, your students will be awarded a personalized certificate of completion.

Virtual Presentations Topics