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Create a Customized & Localized Wellness Hub for Your Community Today!

All school and local wellness resources in one place! Making wellness support easier for teens, parents, and community members. The user simply clicks on what they need help with to see helpful tips and the localized school and community resources available to help them.

Customized to Your Needs & Resources

The information and resources within the app are customized to be relevant for the issues that your students are facing. The information and resources available can be a collaboration between general information and localized resources available.

This can also include forms for students to fill out that would be directed to the right person at the school (counselor, administration, school resource officers, etc.)

For Parents

Sometimes parents need help but they don’t know where to go or what resources are available to them. This is why there is also a parent section on the app.

Parents can find useful information and local resources that they can use to help themselves and/or their child. Again this information can be a combination of general tips and customized information of school and local resources available.

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