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Get a college speaker that will connect with your students and teach them important lessons that they will actually remember!  If so then you’ll love college “edutainer” Rob Hackenson.  He’s “Not Your Typical College Speaker” as he takes a unique approach to engage and educate your students.

Below see the variety of enrichment presentations you can choose from that are perfect for orientations / first weeks, Greek Life, Student Athletes, or for the general student population during the semester.

Learn More About Our “Edutaining” College Lecture Topics:

College Sexual Assault speakerSexual Assault Awareness – “Let’s Talk About It” 
Robert delivers a captivating educational experiences that takes on the serious issue of sexual assault awareness.  Robert discusses the male role in sexual assault prevention and how the “I’m not doing it, not my problem” culture needs to change.  He also discusses the importance of communication, risk reduction techniques, and empowers bystanders with both direct and indirect intervention techniques.   Learn More… 

College-Speaker-on-Social-Media-Dangers“Social Media Land Mines for College Students”  Students need to think before they post.  We address:  digital footprints and what job recruiters are looking for, hateful posting, thinking twice before you post a pic or video of someone else, safety concerns, sexting, and how what they post doesn’t just represent them, but also their school and/or organization or team.  Learn More…

College-Speaker-on-Substance-AwarenessSubstance Awareness & Positive Choices – “Sober Thoughts”  We discuss common college misperceptions and how they cause some students to make poor choices because it’s what they think they are “supposed to do in college.”  It promotes to build their life, get the most out of their college experience, and to ignore the noise of negative influences and make the best decisions for them.  Learn More…  

College-Speaker-on-Bullying-PreventionHazing & Bullying – “Enough Bull”  Hazing and bullying continues to gain attention on colleges as students face outdated hazing practices by teams and greek organizations along with new ways of bullying through technology like yikyak, confession pages, fade, ask.fm and more.  This presentation discusses the potential consequences, promotes respect, and encourages students to change the “this is the way it’s always been” attitude.  Learn More…

Gambling-is-NOT-MagicGambling is NOT Magic – 
Although gambling responsibly isn’t an issue for many college students, it can quickly become a huge silent problem for some.  Students that felt they “had a lock” or “couldn’t lose” quickly find themselves in serious debt and then turn to things like theft or doubling down to “win their money back” in a desperate attempt to recover their debt.  Students, especially college athletes who have to abide by certain NCAA rules on gambling, have to be educated on some of the potential issues.  Learn More…

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