Clifton-Clyde Sober Thoughts Parent Night

**Limited Time Access – See your school for password to watch**

Welcome! This is the virtual substance awareness parent night presentation Sober Thoughts for the parents of Clifton-Clyde school students. This dynamic and highly engaging presentation is delivered by internationally recognized speaker and edutainer Robert Hackenson Jr. The presentation provides parents with an overview of the student presentation that your child participated in, along with additional information for parents.

You will learn:

  • Teen Perceptions vs Realities of alcohol, Marijuana/THC, and vaping nicotine
  • How to prepare your child for the different types of outside pressures
  • Preparing their child to get good at stress
  • How to view failure
  • Dangers of comparison
  • The poker game of life
  • What to look for and best ways to react if you find something
  • How to help your child build their life with healthy decisions