Parenting in a Digital Age Presentation for Parents of Jackson Prep

**Limited Time Access – See your school for password to watch**

Welcome parents of Jackson Prep! Last week internationally recognized digital and social media safety speaker Robert Hackenson Jr. came and spoke to students and parents of Jackson Prep. As a parents you know that parenting in a digital age has certain challenges, so we have also have a digital and social media presentation just for parents!

This presentation breaks down all of the serious issues you child faces with the rapid growth of technology and social media. During this presentation you can see all of the information that your child received PLUS additional information just for parents, including realistic tips, tricks, and resources to help you help your child use this technology responsibly.

What will you learn? During the presentation you will learn:

  • How to prevent or help teens with technology addiction
  • What screen times actual effect is on teen mental health
  • Digital communication and miscommunication
  • Coaching your kids through hateful posting and how to be a positive bystander
  • Cyber safety issues with online challenges, posting personal information, and online predators
  • Teens and sexting (only talked about when age appropriate)
  • Your child’s digital reputation
  • Parenting tips and resources to help your child use technology responsibly.

Watch this Parenting in a Digital Age presentation below!

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