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Teen vaping rates continue to increase.  In fact, in 2020 over 30% of seniors reported vaping a nicotine product within the past year.  Because of this, schools and communities are in need of vaping prevention campaigns.

So in order to reach your youth and combat all of the pro vaping messages our teens see (advertisements, social media influencers, and peer influences that vape, etc.), you need products that are dynamic, interactive, and engaging.

We offer a variety of vaping awareness products that can help.  We have interactive live presentations, an online portal with interactive curriculum, a vaping redemption course, posters, apparel, and other products.  Each of the products are designed for schools and organizations to use in vaping prevention initiatives.  Each of the vaping awareness products deliver a different thought provoking message.  They will help make your students think critically about vaping.

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