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About the Presentation 

College Sexual Assault Speaker Robert Hackenson Jr. Profile PicApril is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time for you to fulfill Title IX requirements by having a program that  creates awareness on your campus.  When hosting these campus programs, the challenge is to find a presentation that will connect with the general student population, keep them engaged, and deliver important relevant messages in a memorable way.

College sexual assault speaker, Robert Hackenson Jr.  delivers a highly interactive and informative presentation with a 3 step approach.

  1.  Robert discusses mens role in sexual assault prevention as the male culture that is filled with misperceptions and often enables sexual assault with a “not my problem” mentality.
  2. He then discusses risk reduction techniques, including exploring the relationship between alcohol and sexual assault, and social media’s rising role in sexual assault.
  3. Lastly, Robert discusses the importance of bystander intervention, discusses why most bystanders don’t act, and shares several techniques for both male and female bystanders to either directly or indirectly intervene during risky situations.

A Careful Balance of Engagement & Education

Robert’s dynamic approach thoughtfully infuses magic, skits, video clips, stories and  and stories into his lecture in a way that keeps students engaged, and reinforces the important lessons.  People often have questions as to “how do you use magic to discuss such a sensitive topic?”  Every magic effect has a purpose.  The effects he uses are designed to be captivating and amazing, to keep your students engaged, while driving home the message.  For more detail and examples, Robert is happy to have a phone call to further discuss the presentation and address any concerns.

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