Youth Bullying Prevention Speaker

Engaging Youth Bullying Prevention Speaker

As bullying incidents continue to climb, it is important to educate your students to help prevent these bullying incidents within your school  One way to do this is to bring in an anti-bullying speaker for your school assembly.

Lecturing just doesn’t cut it!  Having a speaker stand and lecture to your students is going to result in glazed eyes.  This is why our bullying prevention speaker uses magic, illusions, video and more to captivate your students attention while conveying the vital messages.  This ensures that your students will have a unique experience and remember the important anti-bullying lessons.

Tailored to Your Audience

The messages delivered during the bullying prevention presentation, as well as the magic and visuals used to convey them,  are tailored to be age appropriate for your audience.

Learn more about the individual Bullying Prevention presentations for:

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