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On A Mission to Engage & Educate

The messages might be great, but when students and staff are bored, they are not paying attention and the important lessons are lost. This is why for over a decade Rob has been developing and delivering highly interactive, inspirational, and educational experiences to college students, greek life, student athletes, and college organizations/departments.

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Edutaining Lectures…


Relevant Educational Lectures:

Perfect for college first weeks, orientations, or just during the semester. You have a variety of very relevant lecture topics to choose from including:


Engaging Corporate Speaker

Highly Interactive & Edutaining Trainings:

Get a dynamic trainer for your annual retreats, professional development days, or other team events.  Offering half day, full day, and multi-day trainings on a variety of topics including:

Engaging Online Courses…

Engaging Online Educational Courses

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Hackenson can definitely wow an audience, but the value is how he does it while delivering an educational message.
– Boston Herald