“Parenting In A Digital Age Presentation” for Parents of Vega Collegiate Academy

**Limited Time Access – See your school for password to watch**

Note: Spanish & English Closed Captioning Available!

Welcome parents of students in Vega Collegiate Academy! Parenting in a digital age has some serious challenges. With technology constantly changing it can be hard to keep up (especially when our kids are often more savvy at technology than us as parents). We hear news stories about the negative effects of too much screen time on mental health. Other news stories tell us about teens making bad choices online that have ruined their lives and the lives of others. What can you do?

Below you can watch internationally recognized digital and social media safety speaker Robert Hackenson Jr. provide the issues you need to know about and what you can do as a parent to help navigate your teen around the digital and social media “landmines.” Robert breaks everything down into simple lessons that are great for both tech savvy and tech challenged parents while providing simple rules, tips, and tricks you can start using today.

Parents will learn about:

  • Technology addiction and what you can do
  • How much screen times actual effect is on teen mental health and why
  • Digital communication and miscommunication
  • Coaching your kids through hateful posting and how to be a positive upstander
  • Cyber safety issues with online challenges, posting personal information, and online predators
  • Teens and sexting **this was not covered during the presentation for students, but good for parents to know**
  • Your child’s digital reputation
  • Parenting tips and resources to help your child use technology responsibly.

Watch this Parenting in a Digital Age presentation below!

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