“Parenting in a Digital Age” Virtual Presentation for Parents of Kings Canyon Unified School District

**Limited Time Access – See your school for password to watch**

Note: Closed Captioning Available in Spanish and English

As many parents know, raising kids in this fast paced digital world is a lot different than the world we grew up in. With these changes come many new challenges. Kids and teens are getting into trouble, suffering from mental health issues, hurting their reputations or the reputations of others, and putting themselves in danger. What can you do as a parent to help your child navigate around these social media dangers? Watch internationally recognized social media safety speaker Robert Hackenson Jr.’s presentation for parents and learn the tips and tricks you need to know!

This parenting in a digital world presentation is here to help parents of students in the Mukilteo school district! Robert Hackenson Jr. delivers a highly engaging and informative social media safety presentation for parents that breaks down the different dangers your teen is facing and what you can do. You will learn best practices, tips, tricks, and rules that will help you guide your child with the right lessons.

Watch this Parenting in a Digital Age presentation below!

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