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Lectures don’t have to be boring.  When choosing a speaker for greek life, you want one that will connect with your memebers and while delivering important lessons they’ll actually remember!  Professional “edutainer” Robert Hackenson Jr. is on a mission to engage and educate students by thoughtfully infusing magic, illusions, and hypnosis skits into his lectures to help make the important messages memorable.  Below are a list of the different college edutainment topics he offers.

Information Packets for “Edutaining” Lectures:

Information Packet for College-Speaker-on-Social-Media-Dangers

Social Media Safety & Responsible Posting – “Social Media Land Mines”

“With great power comes great responsibility” and new technology and social media is very powerful.  Greek members are facing new challenges and consequences through irresponsible posting on Social Media.  As members of greek life, you not only represent yourself, but also your organization.  During this presentation we discuss the different social media land mines such as:  your digital footprint and what companies are using to filter job candidates, sexting, technology addiction, hateful posting, online challenges, and more!    Learn More…

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Information Packet for College-Speaker-on-Substance-AwarenessSubstance Awareness & Positive Choices – “Sober Thoughts”

This is not a “don’t drink or do drugs” type of presentation.  It’s about decision-making and the power of perception.  Students often make decisions based on mis-perceptions of what think they are expected to do in college or what they think greek members want them to do.  Robert delivers an amazing presentations that exposes some of these misperceptions, discusses the consequences through magic, humor, personal stories, and hypnosis skits.  Learn More…

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College Sexual Assault speaker

Sexual Assault Awareness

Robert delivers a captivating educational experiences that takes on the serious issue of sexual assault awareness.  Robert discusses the male role in sexual assault prevention and how the “I’m not doing it, not my problem” culture needs to change.  He also discusses the power of perception, the importance of communication, risk reduction techniques, and empowers bystanders with both direct and indirect intervention techniques.  Learn More… 

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Information Packet for College-Speaker-on-Bullying-Prevention  Hazing & Bullying Prevention

Over recent years hazing has come to the attention of colleges and incidences of hazing continue to surface.  Hazing is often seen as a “bonding” experience and often continues as part of a tradition.  This presentation discusses the issues, promotes respect, and encourages to change of the “this is the way it’s always been, it’s tradition” attitude, and promotes taking a leadership role on making a change on your campus.  Learn More…

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